Men are but men

I looked at the man,
standing on the floor beneath,
scholarly and wizened,
white the tinge of his beard.

Fondly I raised my arms,
and waved with a smile.

Of response there was none,
as he looked on with melancholy,
staring right beneath me,
making me realize my folly.

Unseeing in his gaze,
neither expressionless,
nor uncouth,
or so I thought,
till the cacophony of womenfolk high,
made me realize with a sigh,
that men were but men.


As I read Mearsheimer and Walt,

As I read Mearsheimer and Walt,
of an Israeli lobby that has remained,
unrepentantly monstrous in its approach,
of keeping a Washington servile and gutless,
in character absolutely Zionist beyond reproach,
I despair not.
I see the resilient faces of Palestinian students,
Cool and calm and devoid of emotion,
far away from their land and their nation,
each bearing tonnes in weight,
of grief and absence of elation,
but I despair not.
For as long as there remains,
dreams and aspirations,
of enshrining a legacy of generations,
of a brotherhood ancient and deep,
transcending class, color and creed;
For those hearts singing tarana-e-milli,
there is Hope.

Neither apologetic, nor inhuman

Neither apologetic,
Nor inhuman,
Neither forgetting,
Of a distant dreamy past so glorious,
Or of a near colonial past so brutal,
Nor denying a present so crazy.
Its tough times to be a Muslim,
Amongst the more Islamic and less Islamic,
amongst the non-Islamic and un-Islamic,
Muslims and non-Muslims;
to live up to expectations,
And thought to have little,
Or yet better none.

In Transition

Grim I have become,
Sans feeling,
No emotion,
lacking in notion,
to life’s direction.

At this critical junction,
of my life in motion,
there is no light in the distance;
the tunnel in its darkness,
seems so persistent;
Gaping wide in loneliness.

In Allah my trust,
plain pure untainted,
for knowledge by His Grace,
has left me in comprehension,
of abundant ignorance,
and of conviction,
that without Him,
I am but a soul lost in transition.

You Are My Hope

In the darkest of hours,
You remain my Hope,
As you were my Guide,
In the most content of hours,
And the longest of them,
Through tension and fear,
Fulfillment and tears,
Depression and anxiety,
Happiness and ecstasy;
Through Time.
And I know in that tiny heart of mine,
that you will remain my Hope;
Through Time and Eternity.