Joe tries to learn how to swim

Joe wanted to learn to swim. So he brought a manual which he took with him to the beach. He assumed that swimming was a set of instructions that he could easily emulate and follow. So he jumped into the water and then opened the book. After reading a few pages, he realized that he had to keep the book somewhere in order to use both his hands.  So he went to the bottom of the sea and kept the book there. After surfacing back, he began to move his arms slowly, but realized that he was unable to keep himself afloat, and water began to go into his mouth and lungs. Pondering on the problem, he went back to check with the book on how to stay afloat. It gave directions on how to take deep breaths to stay afloat. So he went back to the surface in order to learn how to swim without drowning. Again he began to choke on water. Angry with himself, he went to Jack, the local swimming instructor, and asked him for advice. Jack advised him to buy an oxygen tank.

Content with the useful advice, he went back down the sea again to retrieve his swimming instructions book, and swam to the shore. On his way to the shop, a rabid dog chased him, and he had to climb up the tall banyan tree. The dog would not let go of him, and kept barking at the foot of the tree till evening. After the dog left, Joe found that he could not climb down.Putting on his thinking cap, he remembered that he had a ladder in his backyard. So he went home, and brought his ladder with him. Setting it up carefully against the trunk of the tree, he came down.

He went to the grocery shop to buy oxygen tanks, but they had closed down. “We are closed down for today,” said the owner to Joe. Sad at not being able to buy the tanks or learn to swim, Joe turned back, swam through the English channel and took the car to New York. Perhaps he would learn to swim next week, if he got some time off, he thought to himself cheerfully.


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